Pet Vaccines

We believe vaccinating your pet is essential in ensuring their long-term health.

Pet Vaccines

Vaccinating your dog or cat is the best way to protect them from several potentially deadly diseases and keep them by your side for as many years as possible.

Modern pet vaccines are highly effective at preventing illness, and the risk of severe side effects is extremely low. Here at Burlingame Family Pet Hospital, we administer pet vaccinations in Burlingame, California, and our team is here to help you better understand which ones your dog or cat needs. We believe that vaccinating your pet is an essential step in ensuring their long-term health, and we’ll help you get your pet on a vaccine schedule that meets their needs.

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Core and Non-Core Vaccines

Pet vaccinations are divided into two primary categories: Core and Non-Core.

Core vaccines, including the Rabies vaccination, are recommended for all pets.

Some of the most common core vaccines for dogs include distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, and parainfluenza. For cats, core vaccines include feline calicivirus, panleukopenia, and viral rhinotracheitis.

Non-core vaccines are recommended and administered based on lifestyle factors, like whether your cat goes outside or your dog attends doggy daycare. Common non-core vaccines include Bordetella, Lyme Disease, and feline leukemia.

When you bring your pet to us for vaccinations, one of our skilled veterinarians will help you determine which would benefit them most. Our goal is to protect your companion from common and potential diseases without over-vaccinating them.

Pet Vaccines in Burlingame

Modern pet vaccines are highly effective.

For your pet vaccinations, trust the experts here at Burlingame Family Pet Hospital. Whether you’ve recently adopted a kitten or puppy or have an older pet, we’re here to help you get them on an effective vaccination schedule. 

Burlingame Family Pet Hospital provides pet vaccines for dogs and cats in Burlingame, San Mateo, Millbrae, San Bruno, South San Francisco, and the surrounding areas. Please call now to schedule an appointment.